Why Use Emu Oil for Piercing Aftercare?

Have you go a new piercing? Hooray! The tough part is over. Now you need to focus on the healing process. The one thing you don’t want to happen is for your new piercing to get infected or take longer to heal. Emu oil is a hassle-free aftercare product that will not only soothe the pain but also help your new piercing to heal at an accelerated rate. The oil is 100% pure and naturally refined. It contains no impurities and will significantly improve the healing process of any body piercing. The best thing is that it is gentle to the skin and can be used by persons with sensitive skin.

Why use this oil

Now that you know about emu oil, the question you may be asking is why should you use emu oils? The answer is in the benefits the oil offers. The oil has a high concentration of essential fatty acids and a range of other nutrients. The nutrients promote pain relief, anti-inflammation as well as improve the nourishment of the skin.

A new piercing requires special care. It is essentially a wound which means it has a high risk of getting infected. The best thing about using emu oils on the new piercing is that it prevents infections. The oil is anti-bacterial. This is important in preventing infections on open wounds.

It is also good to note that this oil is made of smaller molecules which are capable of penetrating deeper than other creams, ointments and oils. This is what makes this oil a very powerful yet gentle product for accelerating healing. The oil will also moisturize the skin to prevent crusty residue buildup and scarring. This will drastically reduce discomfort and the risk of infection. It is also important to note that this oil will make your skin both moist and pliable. This allows for better skin stretching which leads to accelerated healing.

Using the oil

The first step is to clean the pierced area. Use warm water to remove residue on the piercing. Don’t use a harsh soap or soaps with fragrances or dyes as they can cause irritation. Rinse the area and pat dry. Next you need to apply a small dab of emu oil to a clean finger and gently massage the pierced skin. You should do this at least twice every day. It is also okay to apply the oil to your jewelry to prevent skin tears when inserting the piercing.

You can use emu oils on any body piercing including nostril, helix, cartilage, eyebrow, navel, genitals and tragus. However, to get the best results, stick to pure emu oils from reputable manufacturers and distributors.

Emu Oil