Why are Emu Oils Great for Kids?

When you have kids, you have to be ready for all manner of injuries. As a parent, you want to have a product that will not only treat most of these injuries but also improve the immune system of your kids. If you are searching for a must-have product, as a parent, the perfect choice will be pure emu oils. This is an all-natural multi-use product that is essential for treating a variety of health issues for persons of all ages. Emu oil has five incredible uses and benefits for kids.

Reduce pain from bruises and bumps

Once they start walking, you have to be prepared for bruises and bumps. This is because kids tend to be a bit clumsy. You cannot prevent injuries 100 percent regardless of how many precautions you take. Injuries are a part of growing up. All you can do is alleviate the pain and speed up healing. Emu oils have anti-inflammatory properties which are both fast acting and potent. When your child gets injured, simply massage a few drops of emu oil on the affected areas to reduce swelling and alleviate the pain. Emu oil will speed up healing and reduce scarring.

Repel bugs

Your kids will be prone to bug bites mostly because they don’t focus too much on warding these insects off. You can keep them safe from bugs by applying emu oil on their exposed skin. Emu oil has the ability to repel mosquitoes and other bugs off. Moreover, if your child has already been bit, you can apply emu oil on the bug bite. This will sooth the bite by reducing inflammation and reducing pain.

Treat scrapes and scratches

Emu oil has amazing anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic properties. This is what makes the oil a great choice when it comes to the treatment of scrapes and scratches. Applying the oil will help relieve pain and prevent bacteria from reproducing in the scrapes, cuts or scratches. The oil also has antioxidants which will help protect your skin from further damage as well as prevent scarring.

Soothe skin problems

Kids suffer from a range of skin conditions which include rashes, eczema, rosacea and chapped skin. All these are discomforting conditions. The best thing is applying emu oils on the skin can help treat these issues. If your child has a skin condition, simply apply a few drops of the oil on their skin and massage it gently. The antioxidants in the emu oil will be absorbed deep into the skin layers thereby soothing the skin.

Sensitive skin

Emu oil is safe for use on sensitive skin. It does not clog the pores and will soothe any skin irritation without side effects. The oil is also absorbed easily into the skin and delivers moisturizing goodness through all your skin layers. Your child will benefit from the use of emu oil if he or she has dry, or flaky skin.

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