What is Emu Oil and Why Should You Use It?

Emu oil is a simple solution that more and more people across the globe have been using to treat all manner of conditions. If you are wondering what is emu oil, this is an oil extracted from the fat of an emu. An emu is a flightless bird native to Australia. Long before the oil was bottled up and shipped across the globe, it was used by native Australians about 40,000 years ago. Studies have been done to determine the efficacy of the oil and the results are pretty impressive. If you have never used this oil, here are three sensational reasons why you should start using it.

Hair treatment

You are probably familiar with the fact that emu oil helps improve the condition and quality of the skin. But did you know that this oil can help with hair growth? One of the reasons people ask what is emu oil is because they want to know if it actually helps hair grow. The answer is yes. If your hair is dull, limp or damaged, using a few drops of emu oils can help make it fuller, shinier and even more vibrant. You don’t, even, have to discontinue the use of your shampoo or any other skincare product. Emu oils are quite versatile and are non-combative products that can be used with other hair products. Simply add a few drops of the oil to your everyday product.

In hair treatment, emu oil works by reviving hair follicles. This helps promote the regrowth of new hair. The linoleic acid in the oil is what helps with skin and hair follicle regeneration. The results, however, take time. You simply need to be consistent.

Anti-aging solution

Are you searching for an anti-aging solution that doesn’t come with all the side effects? Why not try emu oil. The regular use of the oil has been found to improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other aging signs. You just need to dab a few drops of the oil on your hands then massage the affected skin. The oil will penetrate into the skin to moisturize and help restore elasticity. The continued use of the oil in good moderation will give you a plumper and more radiant skin within a month.

Helps with cuts, scrapes and burns

Accidents are unavoidable. When minor accidents occur you can always turn to home remedies to relieve the pain and speed up healing. Emu oil is the perfect ally when you are stuck with inflammation and nagging pain. Applying the oil on scrapes, cuts and burns will reduce the pain, swelling and improve comfort. It also reduces peeling, itchiness and redness.

To enjoy all the benefits of emu oil, you must be careful where you buy the oil from. Stick with pure emu oils from reputable manufacturers. You also have to use it consistently. The results are not instant.

What is Emu Oil