What Helps Burns Heal Better – Why is Emu Oil Good for Burns?

What Helps Burns Heal BetterIf you wonder what helps burns heal better, the answer is anything that increases the production of new skin cells. That is what you get when you apply emu oil on a burnt area. Doctors are today recommending the use of emu oil to treat burns. Dr. Dan Dean, Mt Pleasant Michigan Physician, has used emu oil extensively to treat first, second and third-degree burns. In his opinion, the oil greatly contributes to skin health and offers great benefits to the patient. The properties and makeup of emu oil are quite exceptional for the overall assistance to burn victims.

How to Use Emu Oil on Burns

Emu oil is good for burns. If you only have first-degree burns, which means only the outer layer of the skin is affected, you should apply emu oil immediately. Emu oil offers help for burns by reducing the pain almost immediately. The oil doesn’t seal the burn or clog skin pores. It allows the skin to breathe, reducing redness on many burns that would otherwise blister if the oil was not applied.

It is also good to note that refined oil goes through molecular distillation. This makes it free of bacteria and is also bacteriostatic, which means fungi or bacteria cannot grow in it. It is, however, important to remember that it is not anti-bacterial. Since burns are prone to infections, you still need to use antibacterial agents.

In the case of second-degree burns, these are burns that cover more than 2 to 3 inches of the skin, and in third-degree burns, you need to first seek medical treatment before using emu oil. For these kinds of burns, most doctors recommend waiting a couple of days before applying emu oil. Your doctor will advise you depending on the extent of the burn.

Another great thing about emu oil is that it does help reduce scarring for older burns. Applying the oil on the burnt skin will help the skin heal by triggering the skin to regenerate. The oil also benefits hair follicles and can help hair grow in a burnt area, thus restoring the skin.

Which Oil Should You Use?

What helps burns heal better is pure emu oil. You cannot purchase just any product you find on the market and start using it. You have to remember that manufacturers use varying techniques in refining their products. With some, they will add certain additives to make their products stand out. The problem with this is you may allergic to some of these additives. For the best results, you have to stick with pure emu oil. Always take time to research a manufacturer’s reputation and only purchase the product from a reputable distributor.

What Helps Burns Heal Better