What Heals Burns – What Makes Emu Oil Good for Burns

While it was initially used only by the natives of Australia, emu oil has gained a lot of popularity across the globe. It is today used to help hair grow, to help rejuvenate the skin, improve the digestive system, among other uses. Being an effective product for skin care has made it a highly recommended product when it comes to treating burns. Dr. Dan Dean, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Physician said he uses emu oil extensively in the treatment of first, second and third degree burns. In his opinion, emu oils play a very important part in helping burns heal. But what heals burns? This is the question we are here to answer.

When you have a first-degree burn, one that affects the outer skin layer, you should apply pure emu oil immediately. This is because emu oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce pain. The best thing is that applying emu oil does not clog pores or seal the burn. It lets the skin breath, reduces redness, fights infections and in the long run help heal burns. Always make sure you use refined emu oils that have undergone molecular distillation to kill bacteria and make it bacteriostatic which means it will not grow fungi or bacteria. It is good to, however, note that pure emu oil is not an antibacterial agent. You still need to take antibiotics to fight infections.

With second degree burns, the burn usually covers 2 to 3 inches of the skin. A third degree burn is severe and must first be treated by a professional. It is after the treatment that you should discuss the use of emu oil with your doctor. Most doctors, after treating third degree burns, recommend waiting a couple of days before you start using emu oil on the burnt skin.

If you have an older burn, applying emu oil can help reduce scarring. What heals burns is emu oils ability to reduce the aggregation of platelets which include scarring. Emu oils can help soften and reduce the appearance of the old scars.

Healing burn wounds is usually painful and poses several difficulties for the recovery of patients. Lack of moisture, inflammation and wound sensitivity are some of the key impediments to healing. The best news is that emu oil helps solve these problems. When applied gently on the burnt skin, emu oil will moisturize the skin, and reduce inflammation. Pure emu oil is also gentle on the skin since it is all-natural and nontoxic. It can be used even by persons with sensitive skin.

There are numerous studies that back the effectiveness of emu oils in healing wounds. However, it is important to note that what really help heal burns is pure emu oil. Be careful where you purchase your oils from.

What Heals Burns