What are the Main Uses of Emu Oil?

As you may already know, the Emu oil is made from the fat of an emu, a flightless bird native to Australia that looks similar to an ostrich. The oil is made of fats which are extracted from the back of the emu. Emu oil is a widely commercial product with some of the most unique benefits. Here are the main uses.


This is the most popular benefit of Emu oils due to its antioxidant properties that help reduce inflammation. Researchers have found that the anti-inflammatory effects are attributed to omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids which inhibit the cyclooxygenase enzyme. As a result of the anti-inflammatory effects, the oil is widely used as a massage oil to treat arthritis pain and is also said to prevent bone loss induced by chemotherapy.


Emu oil is found to be more cosmetically acceptable and has better skin penetration and permeability than mineral oils. The skin easily absorbs the oil. The oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids. This is what helps lock in skin moisture thus making the skin less prone to drying or cracking. As an occlusive moisturizer the oil does an amazing job of improving hydration and preventing water loss.

Hair Growth

The biggest question has always been this, does emu oil grow hair? Studies on mice suggest that emu oil can promote new hair follicles which results in increased hair growth. Applying emu oil together with a few drops of peppermint oil to your scalp and massaging promotes hair growth. Taking emu oil supplements also helps. This is because a diet that is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids can improve hair density and decrease hair and nail loss.

Burn and Wound Healing

Emu oil does help scars heal. The oil has been said to help in healing cuts, burns and bruises. The oil contains linoleic acid which offers positive effects in increasing the growth of hair follicles in wounded areas. It also provides protective benefits from scarring, lighten age spots and decreases acne scars. Emu oil also increases the production of collagen which helps skin wounds to heal quickly.

Repel Bugs

Researchers have found that emu oil contains terpenes. This is a natural substance which repels insects. Terpenes has also been found to be quite effective in repelling lice, cockroaches as well as triatomine bugs. Many insects are disoriented or repelled by terpenes. Applying the oil on exposed skin can keep the bugs away.

Tattoo and Piercing Aftercare

Applying emu oils after new artwork is cleaned relives discomfort and reduces inflammation and redness. The oil provides extreme hydration to the affected skin in order to help it heal properly and quickly.

Emu oils have so many uses not listed here. It is, however, good to note that the quality of the oil that you purchase matters. Be careful where you purchase the oils from. Some manufacturers have a tendency of adding impurities which may lead to side effects or poor results.

Emu Oil