What are the Benefits of Taking Emu Oil Gelcaps

Many people buy emu oil for topical uses. But did you know you can purchase and start using emu oil gelcaps? These are capsules that contain pure emu oil. When ingested, they are able to offer myriad health benefits. Let’s take a quick look at the main reasons why you should start taking emu oil capsules.

Essential Fatty Acids

The main reason emu oil is so effective in treating a wide range of conditions is because of the fatty acids it contains. This natural oil is rich in oleic, linolenic oils and linolenic. Oleic is the primary fatty acid contained in emu oil. This is an Omega-9. Linoleic oil, on the other hand, is an Omega-6 whereas Linoleic is an Omega-3. As a result of this, emu oil can be used as an Omega 369 fatty acid supplement.

Thanks to the emu oil gelcaps, you no longer need to persevere the disgust of swallowing a spoonful of fish oil. Emu oil capsules can be used as the alternative. It will take care of your Omega 3, 6 and 9 needs. Each capsule is coated with gelatin for easy swallowing.


Studies have concluded that emu oil offers amazing anti-inflammatory benefits. A study done on the internal uses of emu oil found that the oil is very effective in reducing inflammation on the lining of the digestive track. The study was done at the University of Adelaide, Australia. The researchers found that the oil is quite effective in reducing inflammation in the gut lining and also improves the mucosal membranes’ structure.

If you are not comfortable swallowing the emu oil capsule, you can break it open and add to your meal. For example, you can add the pure emu oil into your smoothie or porridge.


The anti-inflammatory properties of emu oil extend to relieving arthritis pain as well as inflammation. Researchers have found that the topical application of emu oil on joints reduced arthritis rates. In addition to applying the oil on the skin, you can take emu oil gelcaps. The benefits will be absorbed into the blood stream and offer additional arthritis pain relief.

Wound Healing

If you have a cut, burn or any other kind of wound you can apply emu oil gently over the wounded area. The oil works by stimulating the production of cells, reduces inflammation and offers pain relief. Researchers from the Southern Medical University of China found that the use of emu oil can reduce the inflammation of scald wounds. In addition to applying the oil 1 to 3 times a day on an injury, you can take emu oil capsules for maximum effectiveness.

Emu Oil Gelcaps