What are the Benefits of Emu Oil Gelcaps?

You may not already know this but oil processed from the fat of an emu can be used as a substitute for fish oil capsules. Emu oil even offers far more superior benefits. In this post, we will be looking at some of the best-known benefits of emu oil gelcaps.

Essential fatty acids

The best thing about emu oils is that the oil is rich in a wide range of fatty acids. This includes oleic, linolenic and linoleic oils. Oleic is the main fatty acid contained in emu oil. It is an omega-9. Linoleic, on the other hand, is omega-6 whereas Linoleic oils are omega-3s. As a result of being rich in these fatty acids, you can use emu oil gelcaps as an omega 369 fatty acid supplement.


According to studies done at the University of Adelaide in Australia, emu oils offer remarkable anti-inflammatory benefits. The topical effects of the oil are reduced inflammation. When taken orally, studies have found that the oil is very effective in reducing inflammation on the lining of the digestive tract. The oil was found to reduce inflammation in the lining of the gut as well as improve the structure of mucosal membranes.


For the longest time now, emu oil has been found to be very effective in treating the symptoms of arthritis. Patients with arthritis use the oil both topically and orally to ease arthritis pain and inflammation. You can break the emu oil gelcap and apply the oil topically on the affected area to reduce symptoms. Even before studies showed that the topical use of the oil helped ease arthritis pain, the Aborigines used the oil for thousands of years on the skin to cure a wide range of ailments.

Wound healing

If you have a wound or burn, emu oil is one of the best remedies you can use to speed up healing. The oil works by reducing inflammation and speeding up the healing process. A study done at the Southern Medical University of China found that the topical use of emu oil helps reduce inflammation in scald wounds. The oil was found to be effective when used for 1 to 3 days on an injury.

The benefits of emu oils are countless. However, for you to reap the full benefits, it is imperative that you buy the emu oil gelcaps from reputable manufacturers and distributors. Keep in mind that not all manufacturers use 100% pure emu oil in their gel caps.

Emu Oil Gelcaps