Using Emu Oils for Fungus Relief

The main use of emu oils is to treat skin conditions. This is a product you can add to virtually anything to make your skin look younger and healthier. Conditions that can be treated using emu oil are athletes foot and a range of fungal infections.

While it is disturbing to hear, our bodies are a host of a wide range of microorganisms. One of those microorganisms are fungi. Although some of the fungi is useful for the body, some cause us harmful infections in the nails, skin, scalp and beard. These include mold-like fungi known as dermatophytes and yeast-like fungi known as candida. Healthy body ecology can keep these fungi in check. There are, however, factors that may cause an overgrowth. These factors include corticosteroids, antibiotics, certain prescription drug therapies, chemo and radiation treatments.

The best thing is that fungal infections respond quickly to emu oils when applied on them. You, however, need to be consistent and patient. The treatment will not reverse the condition of your infected nail but will promote the growth of a health nail. However, before we can look at how emu oil helps treat fungus, you need first to understand the symptoms of an infection.

Symptoms of fungal infections

  • Ringworms. These are ring-shaped, itchy, red or pink raised patches with a clear center.
  • Jock itch. Ring-like red rash around the groin area that may be in the form of small, painful blisters
  • Athlete’s foot. Itchy, scaly rash between your toes. The condition may have mild irritation or cause skin to peel. They pave way for bacterial infections.
  • Nail fungus. Nails look dull, thickened, distorted or brittle
  • Scalp and beard ringworm. Scaly, itchy patches and may include hair loss in circular patches
  • Candida. This occurs in skin folds under the breasts and the diaper areas. They are red, flat rashes with a scalloped, sharp edge

Before taking any oral anti-fungal medication, keep in mind that some medications have been found to have serious side effects. Sporanox and Lamisil, for example, are associated with liver and heart damage.

Pure emu oil is the safest product you can use when treating fungal infections. It does not kill the fungus but it also does not allow fungus to grow. Emu oil works by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms including bacteria, virus and fungus. It is best used as a trans-dermal carrier of anti-fungal ingredients which helps the medication penetrate deeper into the infected tissues. Emu oil will further relieve the itch and accelerate healing.

While emu oils have been found to work against fungal infections, you must always remember that only pure emu oil offers the best results. Be careful where you purchase the oil from.

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