Using Emu Blue on Insect Bites and Stings

Insect bites and stings are at times inevitable. This is more so if your home is infested or you are travelling to a remove place. The best you can do is be prepared to treat the bites and stings. In this case, there is nothing better than packing emu blue.

Over the years, emu oil has proven to be one of the best product you can have in your bag when travelling. It is made of pure ingredients and works wonders in treating all manner of skin conditions. The rule of thumb, however, is to make sure you purchase emu blue from a reputable distributor.

When you are bitten by a mosquito, it injects anticoagulant into the skin. This thins the blood and makes it flow faster and longer. This is what enables a mosquito to feast. To respond to this attack, your skin will release histamine. This causes the skin to turn red and form bumps. If you don’t scratch, the redness and swelling will go away fast. However, if you rub or scratch or if you have an allergic reaction, the bump will swell and become very itchy or at times get infected. Some people are left with small spots for a long period after the bite.

Applying emu oils on the bite area will effectively treat a mosquito bite. Emu oil works great in treating a wide range of insect stings and bites. This is all thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of the emu oil. Once you apply the oil on the sting or bite site, it will reduce swelling and alleviate the itch and pain. By reducing the itchiness, the temptation to scratch the sting or bite site will be reduced. This in turn helps the bumps to heal faster. Using the oil further reduces the post-bite dark spots and enhances healing and reduces scaring.

As you can see, carrying a bottle of emu oil can work wonders when you are stung or bitten. Applying a small amount of the oil on the bite or sting site will relieve itching as well as reduce swelling. To get even better results, you can combine pure emu oil with peppermint, menthol and any other natural analgesics.

Keep in mind that not all emu oil products out there are good for you. Some have very small amounts of the oil. This is because manufacturers tend to fill their products with other ingredients in order to maximize profits. Be very careful where you buy emu oil. Moreover, as you buy emu blue, make sure you purchase it from a reputable distributor.

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