Use Emu Oil to Help Tone Skin

As the weather gets warmer, more people start spending time in the sun. While there is no feeling better than basking in the sun, the activity has risks. For example, the risk of sunburn increases during summer. You are also at a higher risk of skin cancer at this time thus the reason Skin Cancer Awareness Month starts during this time. If you don’t want to suffer from the negative effects that come with exposure to sunlight, you should consider applying emu oil on your skin regularly. Doing so will help tone skin.

The skin has numerous roles

The main organs people think about are the heart, lungs and stomach. They forget about the largest organ which is the skin. The skin accounts for about 15% of your body weight and it has numerous functions. It has 7 layers of tissue and serves as the first defense to shield the muscles, bones and internal organs. In protecting the other organs, the skin takes the hardest blow from extreme temperatures and harmful chemicals to sunlight and other UV rays. The skin further helps with the regulation of a body’s temperature. It also protects you from outside infections/diseases.

With this hard role in mind, keeping your skin healthy is thus the best gift you can give yourself. The use of emu oils will help tone skin and make it more capable of dealing with the elements.

The skin sheds

As a result of fighting all manner of elements, your skin sheds more than 300 million cells every 28 days. It has to reproduce new skin cells before the old ones are shed. It is good to note that these cells may be shed even faster when you are exposed to harsher environments. For example, sunburns cause skin cells to become damaged. As a result, these damaged cells have to be replaced faster. This is the only way the skin is able to maintain its function and health. Applying emu oil can protect your skin so that it can continue regenerating at an appropriate pace and provide the best level of protection.

Melanin production

Did you know that the regular use of emu oils will help tone your skin by promoting the production of melanin? Melanin is the pigment that give the skin its color. Persons with lighter skin have less melanin. A study found that the regular use of emu oils helps reduce cellular melanin production. If you feel your complexion is too dark, you can use emu oil to reduce melanin production. Too much melanin can also cause cosmetic differences like freckles or hyperpigmentation. You can use emu oil to prevent the overproduction of melanin which is triggered by UV light.

Help Tone Skin