Self-Massage with Emu Oil for Improved Wellbeing

Massage therapy offers a great way to relieve tense and sore muscles. The problem is very few people can afford to visit a massage therapist every week. This is due to either the lack of time, money or both. But did you know you can give yourself a self-massage and rip the benefits of message therapy? This will involve the use of your hands and a few drops of pure emu oil.

When it is done properly, self-massage with emu oil offers a range of benefits which include reduced inflammation, pain and swelling. Regular massage is also able to improve your immune function. Help promote an active lifestyle as well as reduce anxiety. All that you need is to get high quality emu oils and follow these techniques.

Massage for Headaches

Headaches top the list of the most common ailments. These are often caused by poor posture and stress. The good news is you can alleviate these pains without the need for medication. Apply a few drops of pure emu oils in your fingers and then lower your shoulders and straighten your back and neck. Place the middle and pointer fingers on the base of the skull and apply a gentle pressure then slide the fingers outwards as you follow the point where the skull and neck meet. Move the fingers down towards the base of your neck. Do this for 5 minutes and focus on the areas you feel the most pain and tense.

Lower Back Pain

This is a very common problem people deal with. You can treat it with this oil too. Simply sit on the floor, cross the legs and straighten the back. Apply the oil in your fingers then place the thumbs on the flat triangular bone located at the bottom of the spine. Move the thumbs up and down gently. Focus on areas that are more tense or painful.

Hand and Wrist Pain

If you work behind a desk, you probably experience a lot of pain in your hand or wrist. The case is the same if your job involves using the hands repeatedly. If you feel pain in either the wrist or hand, you can alleviate it with a few drops of emu oil. Apply the oil on your fingers then place the thumb over the wrist of the other hand. Apply small pressure and move the thumb up and down. You then need to move the hand up and down the hand to massage the meaty tissues. Apply circular motion. Do the same to the other hand.

While massaging yourself with emu oils can alleviate pain, it is always good to be in tune with your body. If the pain or discomfort is too much, you need to seek professional advice. Always see a doctor if the discomfort doesn’t seem to go away.


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