Emu Oil Pump Bottle




100% Pure Emu Oil
Ingredients: 2.0 oz 100% PURE SUPER-REFINED EMU OIL™ in an Airless Pump Bottle

RSD Emu Oil is used treatment of Eczema, Psoriasis, Cuts, Scrapes, Wounds, Sunburns, Dry Skin, Thin Onion Skin, and works well to reduce scarring.

RSD Emus produces the highest grade Emu Oil available today.  Other brands may use “rendered” emu oil that can be less concentrated. Our super-refined oil requires 64.5 gallons of rendered oil to achieve 55 gallons of super-refined, giving you the best quality Emu Oil available.

RSD Emu Oil is manufactured and processed from Emus raised in the USA, laboratory tested and verified to be of the finest purity and quality.

Lab experiments confirm the ability of Emu Oil to reduce inflammation from muscle and joint pain including pulls and sprains.