As dogs age they also develop ARTHRITIS in their JOINTS. By giving your dog one of RSD Emu’s Gelcaps daily you will be able to see your pet move around and even climb stairs more freely as the inflammation in their joints subsides. Both you and your pet will definitely notice the improvement in their agility as they become more active.

1 EMU OIL Gelcap™ taken daily.

Enhance Your Pet’s Health Today


  • Helps STOP your pet from ITCHING with TOPICAL APPLICATION of RSD EMU OIL™ applied 1 or more times daily to the dry areas.
  • It also SOFTENS THEIR SKIN and gives them a more HEALTHY LOOKING and SOFTER coat.
  • RSD Emu 100% PURE SUPER-REFINED EMU OIL™ can also be applied topically on your pet’s skin on “hot spots” or other open areas where your pet has scratched through the skin. This quickens the healing process and helps to reduce or eliminate scarring while providing a healthy glow to their coat.