Improve Skin Appearance – How to Use Emu Oil When Caring for Your Skin

After the fat from an emu has been filtered and refined, it can be used as a topical oil to improve skin appearance. If you have done your research on this oil, then you know the many uses it has. It can be used as a pain reliever and moisturizer or ingested to offer other health benefits. Some people also use the oil to help hair grow. If your goal is to improve your skin’s appearance, here are some of the things you can do.

Treat scrapes and bruises

A popular question on Yahoo answers is if emu oil works for acne. Emu oil has been known to offer a slight pain-killing effect when applied to the skin. If you have a scrape or bruise, you can rub pure emu oil on them to reduce pain. The antioxidants contained in the oil will further prevent additional damage or further skin infection. This will, without a doubt, help improve skin appearance. However, if you have large, deep cuts, you need to seek medical help.

Cover sunburns

Sunburns can be very uncomfortable not just because of their appearance but also because they are often itchy. Emu oil can be used to treat them. Gently rub the oil once a day on the affected skin until the oil is absorbed. The oil will penetrate deep into the skin and relieve the discomfort while at the same time accelerate healing. Ask a friend to help you apply the oil on the hard-to-reach areas, such as on the back. Emu oil can also be used as a sunscreen. Apply it as you would apply sunscreen. 

Moisturize your skin

Dry skin is never easy to touch or look at. If you are searching for a solution that will keep your skin moisturized for long while at the same time offering other health benefits, then emu oil will be perfect for you. You can use emu oil once or twice a day after a bath to lock the skin’s moisture. Use extra oil in areas that are cracked or dry to make them less prone to drying out. To further improve skin appearance, you can use emu oil together with other skincare products.

Treat psoriasis and eczema

You should use a coin-size amount of the oil one or two times a day and rub it on the affected areas until it is absorbed into the skin. Emu oil will help reduce itching, relieve pain and eventually improve the appearance of your skin. You should, however, discuss your decision to use emu oil with your dermatologist.

Treat wrinkles and stretch marks

Did you know emu oil can firm up the skin? You need to apply the oil at least once a day on the stretch marks or wrinkles. The oil will make the skin firm, and the marks will go away over time.

There are so many ways in which emu oil can help improve skin appearance. The key is to purchase the right product and use it the right way. The above tips will help you get started in the right direction.

Improve Skin Appearance