How is Emu Oil Extracted?

Emu oil for eczema, arthritis, burns, hair and other uses is extracted from one of the largest birds that are native to Australia; the Emu. This majestic bird provides oil for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. However, there have been several questions revolving around how is emu oil extracted. If you are one of the people asking this question, this post is for you.

What is Emu Oil

While there are numerous methods used in the extraction of this oil, natural emu oil is developed from the fat of the prehistoric emu. The oil has been benefiting the Aborigines since time immemorial in treating wounds. Today, there are so many positive emu oil reviews. They range from its efficacy in helping wounds heal to helping with arthritis and hair growth. Although most of the claims are not based on solid research, the oil offers numerous benefits when used properly.

What are the benefits of emu oil?

The main benefit of using the oil is that it is a very powerful anti-bacterial agent. It is a great ointment for preventing infections on open wounds. The oil also has great anti-inflammatory properties which makes it ideal for skin care. As a result of this property, most people buy emu oil for joint pain. The oil is also used to prevent scarring because it promotes cell reproduction thus improving healing. Moreover, emu oil is a great moisturizer and doesn’t clog the pores.

Using emu oil for arthritis is quite popular too. It helps relieve joint pain. People who suffer from severe nosebleeds can also apply the oil along the nasal passage to reduce or prevent nosebleeds.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at how emu oil is extracted.

How it is extracted

Emu oil is extracted after the Emus are slaughtered for their meat. These birds are raised for their meat. Emu oil is just an additional byproduct that is used for pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes.

When the bird is fully grown, the oil is concentrated in a sack like form under the fat of the emu’s back. The oil is extracted and refined to make sure it doesn’t contain harmful bacteria. It can then be processed into emu oil capsules to treat a range of health conditions or added to lotions, creams or even bottled.

You will get varying answers on how is emu oil made because manufacturers use varying methods. To enjoy the many benefits of the oil, it is imperative that you make your purchase from a manufacturer with a great reputation. That way you will be guaranteed of getting high quality oil that is not filled with ingredients that may end up impacting the efficacy of the oil.

How is emu oil extracted