Help Thin Onion Skin – Why Emu Oil is the Ultimate Skin Healer

When it comes to skin care, there are so many treatments you can use. The use of thin onion skin is one of the lesser known treatments. Onion skins are preferred because the outer layer is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compound known as quercetin. But did you know emu oil can also help thin onion skintreatment work better? You can combine the two or use emu oil on its own. Let’s take a look at why emu oils are great for your skin.

Dry skin

The skin takes a beating during winter. The cold, windy conditions outside paired with the heaters that zap moisture from the air indoors tend to make the skin dry. Whether your skin feels patchy, dry, cracked or simply irritated, you will benefit from applying emu oil on it. The reason emu oil is recommended to help thin onion skin treatment is its deep penetrating properties. The oil will go through all 7 dermal layers of your skin, lock moisture in and protect your skin from the elements. All you need is a few drops of pure emu oil.


Winters don’t last all year unless you are near the north or south pole. The weather does warm up and get extremely hot in summer. When this happens, your skin starts dealing with another unavoidable threat; UV rays. During summer, there is no excuse for you not to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays from the sun. Emu oil can be combined with your sunscreen to offer better results.

If you already have sunburns, you can apply pure emu oil on the affected areas. The essential fatty acids contained in the oil will help replenish your skin as well as promote the regeneration of new skin cells. After applying it for a few days, you will notice a reduction in the appearance of redness and the sunburn will no longer irritate your skin. You should start applying emu oils immediately after noticing a sunburn.

Dark spots and circles

The skin around the eyes is quite delicate. It can start showing your age as the skin changes. You can apply emu oil to make the skin glow again. The natural fatty acids in the emu oil will give your skin a much needed healthy boost. The oil will moisturize the fragile skin and reduce the appearance of dark circles. It will also renew the elasticity of the skin and cause dark spots to fade.

There are so many uses of emu oil. It can help thin onion skin treatment be more effective in treating a wide range of conditions. The rule of thumb is to use the oil regularly and only apply pure emu oil from a reputable manufacturer.

Help Thin Onion Skin