Health Hacks with Emu Oils

There are so many ways you can use emu oils in your health routine. In this post we will be looking at a few more amazing ways you can use the oil. You may have used the oil in some of the described ways but there is a good chance we have covered a couple hacks you have never tried before. Here they are.

Ear ache

Ear aches are quite disturbing. This is more so when they are constant and are accompanied by a burning pain. The good news is emu oils can be used to offer relief. All you need to do is use pure emu oil to massage behind the ear. The deep penetrating properties of the oil will help the healing properties get to the affected area and offer relief.


Do you have a migraine or do you suffer from migraines frequently? If you do, you will benefit a lot from using emu oil. You can relief the recurrent throbbing headache, nausea and disturbed vision using a few drops of emu oil. To get relief, you need to rub pure emu oil on your temples. The oil will help relief migraines.


The nose’s location on the face makes nosebleeds very common. The nose also has large amounts of blood vessels which further increases the risk of nosebleeds. Applying a few drops of emu oil on your nasal tissue will help stop nosebleeds.

Poisonous plant rashes

Plants like the poison ivy and the poison oak can trigger allergic reactions which leads to rashes. This is because these plants contain irritants. If your skin is itchy or you have a rash after touching a poisonous plant, you can use emu oil to relieve the swelling and reduce irritation. You simply need to rub the oil on the affected area. It will give minor or even total relief from the rash.


A day in the pool, beach or out in the sun often results in sunburns. If your skin is reddish and hot o the touch, you can take advantage of the tremendous moisturizing properties and antibacterial properties of emu oils to achieve relief. Applying emu oil on the affected area will reduce the dryness as well as lessen the discomfort.

Shaving rash

If your skin gets irritated after shaving, you can use emu oil to treat the tender, inflamed and reddish skin. Emu oil works as a moisturizer which leaves the skin softer thus reducing irritation.


Dry skin and sensitivity to hair products can cause the scalp to clump together and appear to have white flakes. These are dandruffs and they are accompanied by mild itchiness. You can use emu oil to moisturize the scalp to reduce dandruffs and reduce itchiness.

There are many other uses of emu oil including treating insect bites and stings, treating lacerations and treating minor burns. You must, however, ensure you use pure emu oil in order to get maximum benefits.

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