Helps REDUCE ARTHRITIS PAIN for persons suffering from OSTEO ARTHRITIS.
EMU BLUE™ is also a powerful ODORLESS SPORT RUB

What makes our EMU BLUE™ different than other “BLUES”? — Quality .. We use only the HIGHEST QUALITY ingredients like CHONDROITIN, GLUCOSAMINE AND MSM compounded using the HIGHEST QUALITY FOOD GRADE. EMU OIL™ available (RANCHO SAN DIEGO EMUS’ 100% PURE SUPER-REFINED EMU OIL™ )

* Only EMU BLUE™ from RANCHO SAN DIEGO EMUS is made with 100% PURE SUPER-REFINED EMU OIL™. Not “rendered” Emu Oil like many advertised brands. (Rendering is just the first step in the refining process!)

* EMU BLUE™ from RANCHO SAN DIEGO EMUS contains 12% (by volume) PURE SUPER-REFINED EMU OIL™ (not 2% – 4% “rendered” emu oil like many of our competitors “knock offs” that you see advertised on TV and elsewhere)

* EMU BLUE™ from RANCHO SAN DIEGO EMUS contains GLUCOSAMINE, CHONDROITIN and MSM. Our 100% PURE SUPER-REFINED EMU OIL™ reduces inflammation while delivering the GLUCOSAMINE, CHONDROITIN and MSM to the effected area to help with CARTILAGE REGENERATION.

Do you have “BONE on BONE OSTEO ARTHRITIS” ?… Are you thinking about having KNEE SURGERY ? — Try applying RSD’s EMU BLUE™ to the effected areas (3) or more times daily — you too may be pleasantly surprised at the results – you might not even need the surgery.

EMU BLUE™ from RANCH SAN DIEGO EMUS is ODORLESS and is used by many professional athletes to relieve their pain … and … nobody knows! EMU BLUE™ provides long lasting pain relief like RSD’s PAIN THERAPY™ but the lasting relief comes in slower …. Suddenly you (and only you) know it is working

Suggested topical application is 3 times daily to the effected area.

Although you may begin to experience pain relief soon after applying EMU BLUE™ most people begin to experience lasting relief after 30 days of continued use.