Emu Oil – What Helps Scars Heal Better?

If you have scars or a wound, the question you may be asking is what helps scars heal better? Googling this simple question will return dozens of results. Most of these results will be irrelevant or farfetched. If you have been searching for the ultimate solution to reduce the appearance of scars, emu oil is what you should focus on. This is an oil extracted from the fat of an Emu. It is a dazzling yellow fluid. The oil has been used widely as an anti-inflammatory.

While emu oil is what helps scars heal better, it is good to note that not every product will do the job. Manufacturers use various techniques to refine their oil. Some add ingredients that end up making the oil less effective. Others use ingredients that may react badly with you. That is why when it comes to treating the skin, you need to focus on pure emu oil. Not every manufacturer and distributor out there has your best interest at heart. Some are simply out to make money.

Helping scars heal better is not the only benefit of using emu oil. There are myriad other benefits you will enjoy. Here are some of the main ones.


Many studies have proven that using emu oil helps treat inflammation. Many people use the oil both topically and internally to reduce swelling and pain. Studies have proven that ingesting emu oil helps improve absorptive capacity as well as reduce inflammation in the joints and reduce general irritation.

Stimulates the skin

Did you know that the regular use of emu oils will improve the appearance of your skin? When applied on the skin, the oil penetrates deep through the layers. This helps lock in moisture which makes the skin less likely to break or dry out. This further helps reduce skin damage. Studies have also shown that applying this oil on the skin helps increase the number of healthy skin cells. It also reduces the appearance of skin wrinkles and restores the sun-harmed skin.

Help hair and nails grow

A few drops of emu oil mixed with peppermint oil will help hair grow. Researchers found that using this combination on mice helped hair regenerate. Consuming emu oil and rubbing the mixture of peppermint and emu oil on the scalp will trigger hair growth.

Removes scars

Removing scars is one of the ways emu oil has been proven to be what helps scars heal better. Using the oil to heal wounds or cuts offers the following benefits:

  • Increases the growth of hair follicles in the injured region
  • Eases up age spots
  • Offers defensive advantages from scarring
  • Reduces skin inflammation

There are many uses of emu oil. The key is to focus on pure emu oil from reputable manufacturers and distributors. Be careful where you buy the oil from.

What Helps Scars Heal Better