Emu Oil for Sports Pain – Effects of Emu Oil on Muscle and Joint Pain

If you are in sports, one of the questions you may have asked after learning about the effects of emu oil is if there is emu oil for sports pain. The good news is there is. For most people, when joint or muscle pain hits, the first thing they reach for is tablets. Tablets work by numbing the pain. There is a better alternative if you don’t want to keep poisoning yourself with the ingredients in most pain tablets. The solution is emu oil.

The top reason you should use emu oil for sports pain is its remarkable anti-inflammatory and penetrating properties. Emu oil can penetrate the stratum corneum barrier easily. This is the outer layer of the skin. This enables it to offer its pain relief benefits deep into the skin. For this reason, emu oil is usually combined with other medications so that it can carry the healing ingredients deeper into the skin to the target muscle or joint. As a result of this, emu oil is widely used to treat muscle aches, bruising, strains and sprains. It is the perfect companion for athletes.

Bruising and Muscle Pain

When the injury is relatively superficial, emu oil has shown remarkable results in reducing bruising and muscle pain. You need to apply the oil to the target area and massage the area. Muscle strains have also been reduced significantly with post-exercise emu oil massage. It is for this reason that some trainers, as well as masseurs, use emu oil. This is all thanks to the tremendous penetrating properties of the oil as well as its anti-inflammatory action.

The benefits of using emu oil to reduce joint pain, stiffness and swelling are seen better on hands, elbows, feet and knees. Treating stiff joints in the hands is one of the areas where emu oil excels in. To get the best benefits, you should massage the affected area at least twice a day.

Ingest Emu Oil

If you have chronic inflammatory problems, it is recommended to use emu oil as a dietary supplement. For this, you need to take half a teaspoon daily of pure emu oil. You can mix the oil with food or smoothies. There are also emu oil capsules available on the market.

More and more people are learning about the remarkable benefits of using emu oil for sports pain. However, if you consider this treatment, it is highly recommended to be careful when buying the oil. Not every manufacturer out there offers the best emu oil. Varying manufacturing methods are used. You should make sure that you are buying your emu oil products from a reputable manufacturer and distributor.

Emu Oil for Sports Pain