Emu Oil Cream – What Can Emu Oil Be Used to Treat?

Emu Oil CreamWhen shopping, most people stick with the emu oil cream. This is because skincare is the most widely known use of emu oil. What you may not know is the oil has so many other benefits apart from rejuvenating the skin. There are also emu oil capsules available. These can be ingested to offer myriad health benefits. In this post we will be looking at the conditions emu oil can help treat.

Relieve irritation and pain from breastfeeding

Are you a mother dealing with irritation or pain from breastfeeding? Many nursing women deal with this problem. If you are one of them, you can apply emu oil cream on your breast to relieve the pain and irritation. The reason the oil works is because breastfeeding often causes the nipple to dry up, crack and become painful. Emu oil serves as a moisturizer. A study published back in 2016 concluded that applying emu oil on the nipples helped soothe the pain caused by breastfeeding. The oil works by hydrating the affected area.

Pain Relief

Still on alleviating pain and irritation, emu oil can help with general pain relief. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help inhibit pain that is associated with arthritis as well as other joint conditions such as gout. It is also good to remember that emu oil is an excellent carrier. It can carry other pain-relieving substances such as menthol oil deep into the skin surface. This leads to better results in pain relief.


Does emu oil actually work in treating arthritis? The answer is yes. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a great choice for the treatment of arthritis. The emu oil cream can be applied to the body to ease swollen joints as well as alleviate muscular pain. Studies have demonstrated that emu oil can be used as a complimentary treatment for persons with arthritis and rheumatism. Moreover, emu oil inhibits chronic inflammation without posing adverse side effects.

Wound healing

Since time immemorial, native Australians have been using emu oil to speed up the healing of wounds and burns. A Chinese study published in 2005 confirmed that using emu oil on skin burns and wounds actually helps speed up healing. The oil significantly reduces the effusion of the wound and prevents infections. This leads to accelerated recovery.

There are many more conditions that emu oil can help treat. The main ones worth mentioning include inflammatory bowel conditions, acne and other skin inflammatory skin conditions. Even so, it is good to note that not every product out there will offer the benefits you want. It all depends on how the oil has been extracted. Some manufacturers add ingredients that reduce the efficacy of the oil. When shopping for emu oil capsules or creams, you have to be very cautious about who you buy from.

Emu Oil Cream