Does Emu Oil Really Work in Skin Care

When it comes to skin care, the first question you obviously want to know is this; does emu oil really work? The simple answer is yes. Emu oil is made from fatty tissue of the flightless bird known as the Emu. Due to the oil’s remarkable ability to penetrate the skin and tissues, it has been a popular choice when it comes to skin care. The oil is also mixed with lotion to achieve a better penetration. But how can emu oil benefit your skin?

Eczema and Psoriasis Treatment

If the question on your mind is does emu oil help scrapes, the answer is yes. Eczema and psoriasis is a conditions characterized by dry patches of itchy, scaly skin. The skin moisturizing properties and anti-inflammatory properties of emu oil makes it a popular treatment choice for persons with these skin conditions. The product penetrates the dry, cracked skin without causing any irritation. Studies have shown topical treatments of psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions significantly improved when they contained emu oil. The results were improved in as early as 15 days and by 30 days of treatment, the dryness, redness and swelling improved significantly.


Emu oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. This is what helps it penetrate the skin’s barrier thus offering better moisturization. When compared to other oils, emu oil has a 2 to 4 times greater skin penetration. Consequently, the oil is able to not only moisturize but also rejuvenate the skin.

Reduce Inflammation

The variety of polyunsaturated fatty acids in emu oil contribute to its remarkable anti-inflammatory effect. The oil contains linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitoleic acid, and a range of others. These are the key components that make the oil highly effective in treating skin inflammation.

Radiation Dermatitis and Chapped lips

Radiation treatment for cancer patients often leads to harsh effects on the skin and mostly causes a rash known as radiation dermatitis. The treatment can also lead to severely chapped, dry and cracked lips. Emu oil offers great results in reducing skin and lip toxicity for patients undergoing radiation treatment. The moisturizing nature of the oil helps create a barrier that reduces damage during the treatment. Moreover, emu oils can be used as a lip balm to further protect the lips during radiation therapy.

Burn and Wound Healing

Does emu oil help burns? The answer is yes. What helps burns heal better is the increased production of collagen trigged by emu oil. The collagen is what helps wounds to heal much faster. If your next question is does emu oil help cuts, the answer is yes and for the same reasons.

There are so many uses of emu oils. The key is to ensure you purchase the oils from a reputable manufacturer and use it as recommended.

Does emu oil really work