Does Emu Oil Help Scrapes?

If you have scrapes, the first question you may have after hearing about emu oil is this; does emu oil help scrapes? The answer is yes. However, for you to better understand how this oil will help, you need to take time learning how emu oil helps the skin heal.

What are scrapes?

Scrapes are skin wounds that tear or rub off the skin. In most cases, they are shallow and don’t go far into the skin. There are, however, cases where scrapes go deep into the skin. Removing them will lead to the removal of several layers of the skin. There is usually little breeding but in some cases pinkish fluid may ooze.

Scrapes can occur in any part of the body. They are common in warm weather or in warmer climates. They mostly occur on the parts of the arms and legs that are more exposed. Accidents or falls that cause the skin to rub against a hard surface are the main cause of scrapes. How scrapes heal depend on the size, depth and location of the scrape. The care you take will also affect how quickly they heal. Now back to the original question; does emu oil help scrapes? Let’s take a look at the different ways apply emu oil can help heal scrapes.

Improves collagen production

One of the ways applying emu oil on scrapes helps with healing is because it triggers the production of collagen. Collagen is the compound that keeps the skin elastic, plump as well as wrinkle-free. The emollient properties in the oil further thickens the skin thus reducing the appearance of scrapes.


One of the recommendations you will get when treating scrapes is to keep the affected area moisturized. Moisturizing scrapes reduces itching. It also reduces the risk of infections. Emu oil is used mostly in skin care because of its moisturizing properties. The oil helps keep the skin hydrated and rejuvenated. This in turn improves the healing speed.

Anti-inflammatory properties

In most cases, scrapes get worse due to inflammation. This is an issue that can be treated using emu oil. Emu oil offers better anti-inflammatory effects than other topical oils like flaxseed and olive oil. Reducing inflammation improves healing. It is also good to note that emu oil contains Terpines which have antiseptic qualities.

A Chinese study published in 2005 confirmed that the use of emu oil does help speed up the healing of wounds. This conclusion confirms on our answer on does emu oil help scrapes. All in all, for you to get the best results, you must be careful where you buy emu oil from. Not every manufacturer out there offers natural products. Some add ingredients that may cause negative reactions. Always stick with reputable brands that offer pure emu oil products.

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