Consumer Guide on Buying Emu Oil

If you are interested in buying pure emu oil, the first fact you should understand is in its pure form, the oil is not a cream but simply an ‘oil’. The natural product can vary in color from yellowish to almost white. When warm, the oil will be in liquid form with a consistency similar to that of olive oil. When cold, emu oils are solid and look like butter and can be a bit hard when refrigerated. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the steps of buying these oils.

Beware of oils with added fragrances

The most emu oil benefits are derived from the oil in its pure form. However, although the oil is made from fats extracted from an emu, some manufacturers tend to add other ingredients in their oil. Some added ingredients can trigger allergies. If you see something like ‘pure emu oil with lavender’, you should know right away that that oil contains additives which might have side effects. In most cases, the oil with lavender or fragrance is usually old and the fragrances are used to cover the rancid or old smell. In its pure form, the oil has virtually no scent.

Read the Label

The main reason you should read the label is to help you know if the oil is 100% pure. It is not uncommon to see products with the word ‘Emu Oil’ printed in large letters and the words ‘Cream’ printed in tiny letters underneath. This is misleading because you are not getting emu oil but a cream with small amounts of the oil. The label will also let you know if there are any added ingredients in the oil and what the oil is intended to be used for. It might be a moisturizer or massage oil.

Watch out for other minerals

If there are mineral oils in the emu oils, then the oils are not pure. The perfect product should be 100% pure with nothing else added. There are several products that are mixed with mineral oils and in most cases the amount of emu oil is very small.

Do you get money back guarantee?

When a manufacturer has a good product that works, they should guarantee it. That is why you should go for oils with a money back guarantee. If no money back guarantee is offered, you should find out why.

Reputation of the manufacturer

If you wish to enjoy the many emu oil benefits, you have to purchase your oil from a reputable manufacturer. Some products contain very small amounts of emu oil thus the reason they are so ineffective. Always place your order from a reputable manufacturer.

Emu oils do work but to enjoy the benefits you have to be cautious where you buy your oil from. Based on your needs, you also have to choose between capsules and rubs.

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