Rancho San Diego Emus is located on a mountainside high above beautiful San Diego, California. At Rancho San Diego Emus we currently have and maintain in excess of 150 breeding Emu’s in clean landscaped pens.

Contrary to popular belief our birds are gentle with people. Emus have recently become California’s newest agricultural commodity.


Baby Emus hatch out of large Green Eggs after an incubation period of about 50 days. After hatching they are ready to go, although they have to be “taught” to both eat and drink.

Newly hatched chicks will stand 6 inches in height and at one day old are capable of walking and running distances of one mile or more. They grow at a rate of 3 inches per week and loose their stripes at around two and a half months. At maturity they reach a height of about 6 feet.

Not all birds raised on our ranch stay in the United States. We have shipped many newly hatched chicks to the Far East for their breeding programs. They are keenly interested in Emu’s due to their prolific nature (30 to 50 eggs per year) coupled with their long laying time, which is in excess of 30 years.

Emu’s feed conversion ratio provides much better weight gain with respect to pounds of feed ingested compared to cattle. With the relative small amount of land needed to raise them, approximately 70 per acre. Emu’s may very well become the "Livestock of the 21st.