Benefits of Emu Oils and What Makes It So Effective

Have you heard about emu oils? If you have, you have heard it is extracted from the fats of an emu and probably heard a lot about the benefits that come with using this oil. The question you may have is why this oil is so effective. In this post we will not only be focusing on the benefits of using emu oil but also on what makes it so effective.

What makes emu oil so effective?

  • Oleic acid

This is a monounsaturated, Omega-9 fatty acid which is found in emu oils. It is a common fat found in the human diet which is associated with decreasing LDL cholesterol and boosting HDL cholesterol levels. In emu oil, the oleic acid helps with the transport of bioactive compounds deep through the skin. This is what enables emu oil to be absorbed fast and deep into the skin. When it is applied topically, the oil is able to carry its benefits to injured joints and muscles.

  • Linoleic acid

This is a polyunsaturated Omega-6 fatty acid. It boosts the health of the skin by reducing the appearance of aging, and sun spots. Studies have further found that using emu oil on the skin helps lighten ultraviolet-induced hyperpigmentation on the skin. This is because linoleic acid helps inhibit the production of melanin.

Linoleic acid is also an Omega 3 fatty acid which helps reduce inflammation. This is why emu oil is recommended when working to prevent such chronic diseases as arthritis, and heart disease. When taken orally, the Omega-3 fatty acids work by boosting brain health and also help with brain cell development.

Benefits of Using Emu Oil

Now that you understand why emu oils are so effective, let’s take a look at the most common benefits of using the oil.

  • Lower Cholesterol

The healthy fatty acids contained in emu oil help lower the levels of bad cholesterol while at the same time increasing the levels of good cholesterol.

  • Reduce pain and inflammation

Emu oil serves as an anti-inflammatory agent. This is what enables the oil to relieve join and muscle pain when applied topically. It also improves the healing of damaged skin and wounds.

  • Boost immunity

Emu oil is rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids as well as vitamins. When combined, these help fight, prevent and treat infections. You will enjoy the benefits by applying emu oil topically or consuming it orally.

  • Improve the gastrointestinal system

Taking emu oil capsules will improve intestinal repairs as well as treat inflammatory disorders that affect the GI system.

  • Improve the skin

The anti-inflammatory properties of emu oils help reduce swelling on the skin and treat a range of skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis.

The key to getting the full benefits of emu oil is using pure emu oil. Be careful where you buy your oils from. Some manufacturers add preservatives that may end up hurting you.

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