Add Emu Oil to These Everyday Items to Help Scars Heal

Emu oil has a gained a reputation for being one of the best remedies you can use to help scars heal. This natural product has been around since time immemorial and is known to support your health without any side effects. If you have scars and need a solution that helps them go away, you can use this oil in several ways to achieve great results. In this post we will be looking at everyday items you can add emu oil in to get good results.

Lip Balm

If your lips tend to tear or scar there is a chance you use lip balm. The purpose of this product is to keep your lips moisturized. But did you know you can get even better results when you add pure emu oil in your lip balm? Adding emu oil in lip balm will not only help scars heal but also soothe and heal dry, cracked and chapped lips. You only need to add a few drops of the oil into your pot of lip balm.  

Shampoo and Conditioner

The best thing about emu oil is that it poses no side effects. It can also be used by persons with sensitive skin. That is why adding the oil in your shampoo and conditioner is a great idea. The oil will not only add a layer of shine to your dull and dry hair but also stimulate hair growth. Adding a few drops of the oil in your shampoo and conditioner bottle will promote healthy hair because emu oil travels deep into the skin and heals hair follicles.


Dry skin is prone to scarring. At times, your regular skin care product may not be enough to keep the skin hydrated and glowing. If you need a booster for damaged or dry skin, you need to add a few drops of emu oil in your moisturizer. This will not only help scars heal but also help your skin lock in more moisture. You can add emu oil to your liquid foundation too.


Emu oil has been used for thousands of years by the native Australian aborigines as a sunscreen. When going out on a hot day, you need to layer a couple of drops of the oil under your normal sunscreen product. this will offer added protection from damaging sun rays. Your skin will also benefit from the healing benefits of emu oil. With time you will start noticing less visible scars and wrinkles.

Massage Oil

Why not rub this natural oil on your skin when getting a massage? When combined with massage oil, emu oil will offer anti-inflammatory healing properties as well as skin moisturizing capabilities. It is also okay to use emu oil as a massage oil on its own.

You can add emu oil to just any product you use on your skin. The key, however, is to make sure you are using pure emu oil. Be careful where you buy your oil from.

Help Scars Heal