4 Benefits that Make Emu Oils So Irresistible

Emu oils are extracted from the fat of an emu. This is a flightless bird native to Australia. Since time immemorial, the oil has been used by native Australians to treat a range of conditions. You can apply it on the skin or ingest it.

Essential fatty acid

The key reason emu oils are so effective in treating a variety of health problems is because they are rich in fatty acids. The fatty acids contained in emu oil include oleic, linolenic and linoleic oils. Oleic is the main fatty acid contained in emu oil. This is basically an omega-9. Linoleic oil, on the other hand, is an omega-6 whereas linolenic is an omega-3.


Many studies have been done to determine the effectiveness of emu oil. A recent study by the University of Adelaide in Australia researched the effects of using emu oil on the skin. The study concluded that applying emu oil topically helps reduce inflammation. The researchers further found that when ingested, emu oil helps reduce inflammation in the lining of the gut. The oil was also found to help improve the structure of mucosal membranes.


In addition to reducing inflammation, using emu oil can help ease arthritis pain. This was confirmed in a study that was published in 1997 on ‘Inflammopharmacology’ journal. The researchers found that applying emu oil helps reduce arthritis in rats. For thousands of years, the Aborigines have been applying emu oil on their skin and ingesting the emu meat to cure a wide range of ailments including arthritis.  

Healing wounds

Emu oil has an amazing effect on injured skin. It has gained a lot of popularity when it comes to treating burns and other types of wounds. The oil not only helps reduce inflammation but also triggers healing. In the Southern Medical University in China, researchers found that using emu oil on the skin reduced inflammation in scald wounds. The oil was found to be especially effective in healing wounds when applied from the first day through the third after getting injured. It was found to be more effective than many other treatments including iodine and saline.

While emu oils offer amazing health benefits, it is good to note that the entry of many manufacturers has led to the introduction of dissimilar emu oil products. In an effort to distinguish themselves or make more profit, some manufacturers add ingredients to their oil and market their product as pure emu oil. Some of these ingredients may harm you if you have allergies. To avoid problems, only use 100% pure emu oil. You must also purchase your oil from a reputable manufacturer or distributor.

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