3 Great Ways to Use Emu Oils

You are probably reading this post because you have been doing research on emu oils. Our focus here will not be dwelling more on where emu oil comes from and how it is extracted but on how to use it. This post discusses the 3 great ways you can use emu oil to improve your health, look younger and also feel better. Let’s get started.

Treat eczema

While there is no cure for eczema, having this condition doesn’t mean you can’t live a full life. There are so many solutions available to help you better manage eczema. One of those solutions is using emu oils.

Unlike topical steroid creams which are often prescribed to manage the symptoms of eczema, emu oil has no side effects. It is an all-natural, chemical-free and non-steroid oil that has been found to reduce itching, erythema, inflammation, scales and dry skin. Emu oil is also preferred because it reduces scars. This is because it triggers healing which means using the oil frequently will improve the appearance of your skin. The oil is perfect also for persons with sensitive skin because it doesn’t clog the pores.

To use emu oil to treat eczema, you need to start by washing the affected area using soap and water. Dry gently with a towel then apply the oil immediately. Doing so will restore hydration to the skin as well as alleviate eczema symptoms.

Sooth arthritis and sore joints

Arthritis affects joints in the body. Just like eczema, there is no cure for arthritis. You can only manage the condition. The topical application of emu oil can improve the symptoms of arthritis. This is thanks to the healthy antioxidants in the oil which have potent anti-inflammatory effects. The deep penetration of emu oil further makes it effective in soothing arthritis as well as sore joints.

Applying pure emu oil on the affected areas will reduce joint pain, stiffness, tenderness as well as swelling. You need to use the oil consistently in order to improve mobility as well as prevent damage to the scar tissues within the joints. To use the oil, simply massage the affected area gently. Repeat the process 2 to 3 times a day.

Boost inner health 

Pure emu oils can be taken orally. There is even emu oil gelcaps available that you can buy. Taking an emu oil capsule or a spoonful of the oil is great because the oil is rich in omega fatty acids. The body does not produce omega fatty acids. It gets them from the foods we consume. Omega fatty acids are beneficial to the skin, muscles, hair and joints. They also help with the regulation of mood and settle digestion.

There are many more ways you can use emu oil. You simply need to find pure emu oil. You have to be aware that some manufacturers add ingredients that may be harmful in their products during processing. Always purchase the oil from reputable manufacturers and dealers.

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