EMU OIL and Ulcerative Lesions

* EMU OIL Treating Eczema
AMAZING RESULTS are being realized by APPLYING EMU OIL topically
on skin disorders such as eczema, lesions and bed sores.

Patient shown was treated by Dr. Dan C. Dean, D.O. of Ithica, Michigan.

ULCERATIVE LESIONS can be painful and unsightly ……

As open wounds, they can be a ready pathway for infection to enter the body. Often they are difficult to heal.

Try our 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL™.

Yes, It really works!!


This patient had been treated for 3-4 weeks using standard “Silvadene” treatment prior to beginning the EMU OIL treatments.


The ULCERATIVE LESION after 1 week of treatments with EMU OIL.

The treatment consisted of EMU OIL being applied to the wound 3 times a day.

After each application of EMU OIL the wound was covered with a gauze patch soaked in EMU OIL and wrapped with either Telfa Dressing or Saran Wrap.